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At S&E Cataldi Heating & Air Conditioning we work hard for your comfort. Over a decades of study and experience have taught us that the right heating or cooling system can improve health of a house and the poeple who live in it. We're serious about comfort, because proper moisture balance means that you will breathe easier and the wood in and out of your home--including your antiques--will be well protected.

Chronic moisture balance problems affect "leaky" buildings, making them difficult to dehumidify in summer and heat in the winter. The first line of defense of course, is proper insulation. Clover HVAC technicians are certified insulation and air seal specialists who can do a thorough analysis of the penetration points in your house and stop air leaks cold.

Buildings are like the people in them. Both need the right balance of moisture in the air. People have their own natural cooling system--the ability to sweat. Houses need help. S&E Cataldi can set a heating and cooling system's balance to properly regulate interior air. The result? A structure that isn't so dry the wood is cracking or so moist there is rot, and inhabitants who won't develop skin problems from excessive dryness or allergic reactions to mold and mildew.

Whether it's a simple repair, a basic inspection, or a complete system installation, the mission is to pinpoint the one solution that fits your unique comfort challenge. We don't arrive with a ready-made fix in our tool belt. Our formula is: New job, new challenge, new solution.

S&E Cataldi can be found in a two-bedroom Cape or a 20,000 square foot fitness facility. What makes every job alike is that each one is an investment--energy conservation, thermal efficiency, and the preservation of your two most important assets: Your home and the health of your family. Many of our customers commit to their investment with a yearly Planned Service Agreement with S&E Cataldi, and in keeping with our policy of reasonable costs, they get one or two visits a year of planned maintenace at no additional cost. When it comes to what we call Home Wellness, it's worth doing it the S&E Cataldi way, the first time and every time.

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