Risk-Free Tune-Up Coupon

Invest $99 in a Tune-Up For Your Furnace or Air Conditioning

Since replacing your Gas Furnace or Heat Pump could cost you thousands of dollars, doesn’t it make sense to consider a tune-up?

We will give your heating system a complete “Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning” that will take nearly one and a half hours to complete. Instead of a simple “check up”, it is separated into 34 individual operations (see below for a list of these). Each operation is complete with all necessary materials and performed by a seasoned professional whose craftsmanship is among the best in the industry. It’s like having your heating system rejuvenated to Factory Fresh conditions.

Your “Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning” Consists of These 32 Individual Operations:

  • Inspect Heat Exchanger
  • Set thermostat to heat and turn up to 90°F or highest setting
  • Inspect All Safety Controls
  • Clean Burners If Required
  • Clean & Adjust Pilot Assembly/ Thermocouple
  • Brush out heat exchanger
  • Adjust Burner
  • Inspect for Gas Leaks
  • Lubricate all Moving Parts (where applicable)
  • Inspect Air Filters
  • Check Flue Pipe & Draft
  • Inspect Fan Control
  • Check for Proper Temperature Rise
  • Clean Condensate Trap If Applicable
  • Inspect Complete Heat Cycle
  • Inspect all Electrical Elements
  • Inspect High Limit
  • Inspect Bearings on Blower and Motor
  • Inspect Condenser Coil
  • Monitor Operation Pressures of refrigerant (if applicable)
  • Inspect Safety Devices for Proper Operation
  • Inspect disconnect box for proper rating and installation
  • Tighten All Electrical Connections
  • Test/Inspect Contactors for Burned, Pitted Contacts
  • Inspect Electrical For Exposed Wiring
  • Test and Inspect Capacitors
  • Inspect Fan Blade
  • Clean Condenser Coil/Remove Debris (if applicable)
  • Inspect Service Valves For Proper Operation (if applicable)
  • Measure Temperature Differences – Supply/Return
  • Inspect Ductwork For Energy Loss
  • Monitor Compressor For Proper Amperage, Volt Draw and Wiring Connections (where applicable)

Call S&E Cataldi Heating & Air Conditioning as soon as possible so that we can schedule your PRecision Tune-Up and Professional cleaning, or simply fill out our online form to set up your appointment.

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