Heating and Air Conversions

Tired of paying high utility bills during the winter? Perhaps you should consider converting to gas heat. Actually, heating and air conversion is something that many homeowners feel is very worthwhile because, in many cases, the benefits of converting from oil or electric to gas heat outweigh the initial time and cost of the conversion process.

But how do you know if heating conversion is right for you? There are many things to consider depending on the type of energy you’re converting from, including

  • Whether or not natural gas is offered in your are
  • The age of your current HVAC system
  • The type of heat you currently have
  • The type of heat distribution methods you currently use(baseboard heat, for example)

That’s why S&E Cataldi Heating & Air Conditioning offers a wide array of heating conversion products and services for both oil to gas conversion and electric to gas conversion. From furnaces to split air systems to forced air systems, we will be able to work with what you currently have – or set you up with a new heating system if need be – and provide you with a means of enjoying the benefits that natural gas heat provides. We will help reduce your heating bills!

Contact S&E Cataldi Heating & Air Conditioning today to find out more about how we can help you with your heating conversion needs. We’ll send a heating conversion expert to your house. Once there, they can answer any questions you may have and help you decide whether or not heating conversion is right for you.

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