Residential Heating Furnaces

When people picture a furnace they think of a large loud piece of equipment. Today's high efficiency furnaces can save you up to 50% in costs over an outdated furnace. The minimum AFUE rating for any furnace sold in the United States is 80%. S&E Cataldi will provide an energy effictive solution with maintenance that will last a long life span.

Two most popular furnaces available today are

Central Warm Air Furnace

Entral warm air furnaces rely on gas, fuel oil or electricity to heat your home. Typically the unit is housed in a central location within the house that disburses warm air through the ducts. These furnaces are either forced air or gracity, which uses the gravity to circulate air instead. The cold air then descends into the furnace where it is reheated and circulated into the house.

Steam or Hot Water System

Steam or hot water systems heat your home by supplying steam or hot water through a radiator, pipe, heating coil or other distribution methods.

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